Dropship Service (Reseller Program)

Jelitaanggun2u.com (Jelita Anggun Fashion House) dropship service is an optional service that you can use for your business regardless online or offline. As long as you are registered and approved members, you are able to use this service by enter your customer contacts like name, address and contact as shipping detail. However, our dropship service is on prepaid basis where store credit (prepaid credit) will be automatic deducted for every order. This will make us skip the payment checking process and proceed to ship. So, do keep certain amount of store credit if you wish to use our dropship service to avoid delay when shipping.
Our wholesales policy still apply for dropship service where minimum payment is RM250. When you register for reseller program, you will get extra discount rm5/pcs lower than selling price. For an example is for Item PR01, normal selling price is RM20, but when you login as reseller program, the price will appear only RM15. Other than that, the extra credit take given is a kind of discount which will reduce your cost and let your earn more. Please refer the chart below for details:-


Type Of Reseller Payment (RM) Extra Credit (%) Prepaid Credit (RM)
Bronze 250 0% 250.00
Silver 500 5% 525.00
Gold 1000 10% 1,100.00
Platinum 2500 15% 2,875.00
Diamond 5000 20% 6,000.00

Terms and Conditions

P/S : kindly read and agree to our Reseller Program Terms & Conditions before joining the Reseller Program

  • A minimum deposit is required and please refers to the type of reseller for the amount payable
  • No minimum order is applicable. Agents are allowed to reserve 1 piece of ready stock.
  • Reserved item is not allow to changes in quantity, color, size, design, cutting or cancellation
  • Reserved item is considered sold and we will make the deduction of credits from respective Reseller’s account
  • There will be no expiration for the agent plan until the credit balance is exhausted. A minimum top up from your respective agent plan is required should you wish to continue with the plan
  • If reseller wishes to continue with the plan, you may need to top up the respective amount and not any amount as you wish
  • Credits are not refundable
  • Reseller only able to cancel reserved item that being ordered within 24 hours

To register for Reseller Program clik here.

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